In her debut novel ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’, Gail Honeyman tells the story of Eleanor Oliphant who is completely fine… At least from the outside her life appears utterly normal. The nearly thirty year old woman has a degree in Classics and works in an office as a finance clerk. At a second glance, her way of living is rather odd. The book tells in three parts, good days, bad days and better days, how Eleanor’s extremely organised and rigid designed life unravels when she falls in love with an unreachable musician.



von Wiebke Martens


In her novel The Wild Irish Girl, written in 1806, Sydney Owenson highlights the contract between Britain and Ireland, known as the Act of Union in 1801 (cf. Kirkpatrick vii). Furthermore, the book shows the love story between the two main characters Glorvina, the Irish princess of castle Inismore, and Horatio, the son of an English Earl. All the observations of the following analysis are based on the novel The Wild Irish Girl. A summary of the novel’s plot will be following after a brief introduction to the historical events of Ireland.

by Anthoula Hatziioannou